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The thing that kills me about “Ur So Gay” is that Katy isn’t singing about a boyfriend who actually turned out to be gay. She’s using “gay” as an insult, because the guy was effeminate, not conforming to her expected gender roles. She shames him for being thin and wearing makeup. 

In the opening line of the song she says he should kill himself. 

But, you know, baby you’re a firework or whatever. 

Really?! Wow.

The song has nothing to do with gender roles. It’s about calling out an attention-seeking hipster kid who is too good for everyone with his “deep emotions” and fake indie rock. Basically it’s a song an APAC member would sing to a black-and-white pro-ana blogger.

I am not condoning her use of “gay” in the song, but it’s so NOT about making fun of someone for being effeminate. Tumblr is so fucking lame.



At the end of the day, I always make a point to check Lydia’s edcynic blog just to read what new imbeciles are crying about today in her inbox and laugh.

Idk how you do it girl, I’d have set the laptop on fire and thrown it out the window after a week of the bs.

Patience and sense of humor!

Holy shit you're profile picture is so hot and I'm so gay <3

We should go out some time.

just so YOU'RE aware, I was not the person writing anonymously earlier. I have nothing to hide. You aren't the fucking gatekeeper of the internet for all that is pure and holy and "untriggering". Pretty much everything to do with eating disorder sufferers is triggering, which is why people make use of these blogs to reach out for help when they're scared and suffering. You just seem like some stupid bored bitch who feels the need to play Devil's Advocate. Get over yourself haahah.


So I am a “stupid bored bitch” because I asked you to be considerate with your tags and for pointing out that posting a literal picture of your scale and BMI does not relate to recovery on any level?  Yeah, makes logical sense.

Literally, you are acting like an absolute piece of shit right now.  Do not ever message me again.  I have absolutely no respect for you at this point, and I cannot believe how fucking immature you are acting.  Maybe you are feeling embarrassed or ashamed — I don’t know, but your reaction to my simple request is beyond my comprehension.  Do you even have a conscience or do you insult everyone who asks you to be considerate?

Un-fucking-believable.  Jesus fucking Christ, grow the fuck up.  You’re acting like a toddler who was called out for bad behaviors.  Get the fuck off my blog.  I do not ever want to hear or see or even become aware of your presence, ever again.  I am absolutely disgusted.

Actually, you can be fat an have anorexia, it just has a different name. EDNOS.





ednos isn’t anorexia. Ednos encompasses subthreshold anorexia, bulimia, PICA, BED and one other that I can’t remember. 

Please don’t go telling people that because it’s not true.

- e

Is it talking about sub threshold bulimia (or purging disorder)? Because it reads like BN is under OSFED

I think she means subthreshold bulimia.

Not to butt in but she might mean orthorexia

She doesn’t. Orthorexia isn’t a recognized eating disorder. It’s not in the DSM at all.


I still have requests for drawings/writings in my inbox. Haven’t forgotten!

I was on Instagram looking up proana accounts to see how they were for tumblr and oh my god, they are dumb. My favourite post was "don't eat for three hours before you go to bed, otherwise your body won't burn any calories." When I commented saying that was rubbish and to look up BMR, they told me they had done "extensive research." If they had they would know everyone's bodies burn calories to exist. They think food instantly converts to fat. Literally, no.

It’s quite unfortunate.

Do you have or do you know of anyone who has compiled a list of all the pro-ana satire blogs? They're so funny I want to follow them all!

Yes, I have list on my main page of all anti-pro-ana blogs, including all character and satire blogs. It’s broken down into sections so it’s easier to navigate. Not all recently made ones last week or this week have been added yet.


Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. Tag at least 10 followers.

Name: nennt mich einfach Alex
Nickname: Alex, Kleine
Birthday: 6.6.97
Gender: agender
Sexuality: bisexuell
Height: 158
Time zone: Europäisch
Time and date: 29.09 17.59
Average hours of sleep: 5 - 7 Stunden

Will do this later! :)

I may have a different perspective, but you have argued your point effectively. I now understand it, and I am sorry if I seriously aggravated you. I was in the wrong in being so rude and condemning. I respect you for dealing so democratically with me.

And I respect you for apologizing. Thanks.