The best part of having the flu?



Finally having a valid reason to not eat for once. Smh.



Pro Anas: More like Ministry of Glorifying Self-Hate and Malnutrition

Yeah, its deadly. Yeah, its fucking mental. Yeah, I've given tips on dieting, but they are the ones who choose to follow it. You and frilly are at fault here, her for glorifying her desire to lose weight by going on fad diets whereas you are reaching out in the worst way possible: fighting. You're judge her and even though you might have a right to be, its like freedom of speech: don't fucking abuse it. Overall, if you keep saying shit like that, you're gonna get punched.
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"…whereas you are reaching out in the worse possible way: fighting."

"Overall, if you keep saying shit like that, you’re gonna get punched."

I will stop when i am in the hospital



I am getting back into ana. It was the only time that i’ve been really happy. I could feel my hip bones more day by day. But i started eating again and now…. my hipbones are playing hide and seek with me in my fat. And not only the hips. Also the collar bones and rib case. And well, i don’t know why but it looks like it is unposible to get an thight gap for me. But this time it will be diffrent.



so fucking lucky my parents think im sick. im very happy im a good actress.

I feel bad for your parents.

Just a PSA


I DID NOT tag anybody in the Ben and Jerry’s post, I reblogged the post. I dot agree with tagging blogs in that way personally and I wouldn’t have done it. I am not here to target specific MM followers, just to point out misinformation for people who are considering following MM. For those of you who are following it and embracing it, good for you and I hope it’s everything you want it to be. For people who want a look at how I think it could be harmful, that’s where my blog comes in. Peace!

I think people are confusing you with whyminniemaud, who DID tag people in their post. 

You know what? Fuck you.
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Hm, who could this possibly be? 



Must be so tough with your laptops and smartphones and ipads.



"I know there is a specific weight criterion in the DSM, but I still believe you don’t have to be underweight to be anorexic!!!”



You do realize housevsproana was making fun of people like you?


What are you stances on calling out disordered behavior publicly, even when its not against the Tumblr Guidelines?

Do you think its a breach of privacy? Do you think it is harassment? Do you think it should be kept to private messages if anything is going to be said at all?

This is tough, because I have written entire posts about things like minniemaud type recovery and other disordered behavior that is not against guidelines but I have strong opinions against. Then again, they were never geared towards anyone specific. If I have done this, I certainly regret doing so and I think if one IS going to call out someone specific for being disordered but not breaking guidelines, a private message would be more appropriate.