Actual picture of me. I don’t buy a bunch of regular bananas. I just buy one big huge one and it lasts me about four days.

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That tan is just seven bananas!

Can someone please start an anorexic banana satire blog?

Hmmm.. perhaps a blog entitled “seven-bananas-strong”?

I checked earlier and there is a 7bananas blog, but totally unrelated to bananas.

this-is-the-state-of-grace asked: Again, me your blog is still open in my browser. Thank you for acknowledging my ask was kind in nature. Sorry for seeming patronizing, I understand some people hate pet names and stuff like that. I can also see, looking back that I was completely in emotional mind and should not have sent that message at all. I am so sorry. Really.


So, I never dealt with extreme hunger/bingeing in treatment, even when I was eating 3,000+ cals a day. In fact, I hardly ever felt hunger because of how much food I had to eat.

I did experience the intense night sweats (which also followed me throughout the day), as well as the pancreatisis and liver abnormalities.

So I am wondering why I never went through that? Could it be connected to weight, given I was discharged at an underweight BMI (four pounds away from “normal”)? Also take into account I am short, so a low BMI for me may be equivalent to a healthier BMI for someone taller.

And I am dreadfully sorry if this comes off as braggy, but I am curious as to why.

Anonymous asked: I follow both you and ruthiend and when I first saw the post between you guys I thought "uh-oh" but it actually made me really happy to see you have a calm, rational debate/conversation! This is just an "I love you both" ask lol, and we definitely need more people like you on tumblr (the ageists can get lost)

What worked is ruthiend didn’t act so much on emotion and stuck to facts. She didn’t attack me either, and took responsibility for her thoughts and feelings.

People think I am this mega-bitch 24/7, but I am not going to go there as long as someone isn’t going to vomit all their insecurities on me. 95% of the arguments I get into are with people who are incapable of forming an intellectual argument. All I see is “WAH, YOU ARE WRONG. CODDLE ME YOU BITCH.”

Take the recent exchange I had with the state-of-grace person - although her ask was kind in nature, it relied on emotion. Underneath that emotion was insult, neatly book-ended with patronizing dialogue like calling me “lovely.”

The only reason for that would be to “soften the blow,” and not only did I find it super fake, but unnecessary. I am not the one who needs to be coddled.

Ruthiend is no bull-shitter, and I respect that.

Actual picture of me. I don’t buy a bunch of regular bananas. I just buy one big huge one and it lasts me about four days.

elizabeth—avenged kel-belle-batty

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I need to stop swearing so much.


guys just don’t mess with Lydia edcynic because she’s on fire and she’ll own every argument or discussion ever. 

just don’t 

this-is-the-state-of-grace asked: Like I said, I am sorry. I'm trying to practise assertiveness and clearly it backfired on me. Perhaps my own choice of words was incorrect, which means I am indeed eating my own hat or words. Again, sorry.










The whole minimaud thing just seems so special-snowflakey to me. Definitely a band wagon thing. Like when people stop eating gluten without even knowing what gluten is or why they are no longer eating it.

I generally agree with most of what you say on your blog, but I definitely…

The fact that it seems a good majority of people on Tumblr are the ones who are doing it concerns me the most, and is why I feel it’s a band-wagon thing. You’ve done it, however, so I don’t expect you to agree, and that’s fine.

I don’t think the majority of people doing it come from tumblr though. Gwyneth has written about the traffic to her website and people contacting her through the website, and it is only about 20% of people who follow the guidelines that are active on the forums. The majority of people active on the forums (both YE and Uzilu) do not have tumblr accounts. The type of conversations people have on the support forums are totally different to the types of conversations on tumblr.

Tumblr represents one demographic and one group of people following minniemaud, and I do not have the statistics, but I would hazard a guess and say the 200-300 people allegedly following minniemaud on tumblr do not constitute the majority of the people who follow minniemaud globally. I would totally love to find out though, haha.

I didn’t say the majority of people doing it were from Tumblr. I said it seemed like it, and that was in direct reference to you saying that when you started your blog, you found a lot of people on this site also following the guidelines. 

OK- so you were saying that there is a tumblr specific bandwagon for minniemaud. Well, I suppose I do agree there might be.

But, that is nothing to do with minniemaud itself, it is to do with a pro-minniemaud culture on tumblr.

And, my point about people choosing minniemaud remains the same- you’d have to be pretty idiotic to choose a method of recovery based on a band-wagon. I do not think many people would do this in reality.

It could just be that a lot of people find minniemaud very convincing and decide to give it a go. 

I just saw this and wanted to chime in. The maudsley method is one that has been shown to be effective in numerous clinical trials, so treatment facilities use it a lot. Mine did for people who still lived with their parents because it’s based upon the family giving the ED sufferer support. I don’t think anyone would do it for a “bandwagon” thing, but maybe because it’s shown to be one of the very best treatment methods for anorexia.

Well, is it important to address that you are talking about Maudsley? Because I was under the impression that it is not the same as minnimaud, which is what the original argument was speaking about. 

Also, I’m hoping all these refeeding recovery methods are in tandem with some psychological support, because basically forcing yourself to eat or being forced by parents to eat isn’t really going to solve any of the deep-rooted issues. 

The minniemaud method involves refeeding AND psychological support. It is not the minniemaud method unless you also access psychological support, re-learn/learn healthy coping mechanisms and work out the roots/triggers of your ED. The hardest part, right? Common to all treatment methods.

Same for Maudlsey. Only, Maudsley starts the psychological work after refeeding, when the patients brain is no longer starved.

It is a very common misconception that minniemaud is only about refeeding. Guess its easier to post photos of food intakes and discuss how you made 3000 than blog about why you cry yourself to sleep at night thinking you are a worthless individual. That might contribute to the misconception on tumblr.

Both Maudsley and Minniemaud advocate intensive refeeding to your set-point as an important part of healing your brain so it is able to handle the psychological upheaval that follows.

Ah, thank you for the info.

this-is-the-state-of-grace asked: Sorry. Look, sorry. I WAS NOT blaming you for my feelings, they are mine and mine alone to deal with. My opinion was that some of your posts could be more sensitively worded. THAT WAS MY OPINION and I think you're actually a decent person, so I wasn't expecting such a... harsh response. Perhaps I should have just said I personally think you should be more sensitive. BUT I also said THAT THIS IS YOUR BLOG AND YOU DONT NEED TO LISTEN.

You weren’t blaming me? Hm…let me copy and paste exactly what you wrote: 

"…some of the things you say upset me. I feel a little invalidated sometimes.”

Oh, and, it gets better! You even asked me to change how I run my own blog so you don’t feel so invalidated: 

"Personally I think it wouldn’t hurt if you were to think a little more about the wording of your posts."

Your feelings are yours alone to deal with? Then why would you ask me to change the wording of my posts? Seems to me that’s like trying to drag me into helping you change how you feel. Oh, but wait, you’re dealing with them “on your own.” Okay, right.

As for your last part, reiterating that you did indeed say that it was your opinion and that I could do as I pleased, like, no shit, sherlock. But see, you personally came into my inbox and:

  • Sugar-coated your self-serving ask with fake pleasantries
  • Blamed your insecurities and feelings of invalidation on my writing
  • Suggested maybe I should re-word my posts
  • Topped it off with a patronizing “Oh, but hey, just an opinion and it’s your blog LOL!” 

What did you expect me to do? Not reply? Or, I guess I should have just responded in a way that didn’t offend you? Because that’s what you want right? People to cater to your feelings, even when you essentially insult them by blaming them for how you feel? 

Sorry, but, literally, no.